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God Is Strong—Am I?

We must be people of courage, with faith in our mighty God.

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We've got to be bold, courageous people.

I. We tend to become less courageous as we grow older.

II. God requires us to be courageous.

III. Are you going to be cowardly or courageous?


Take whatever steps of faith God is calling you to take, and you won't regret it.

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alex arrington

September 22, 2013  5:32am

Great message! It encouraged me in particular to remember that "greater is he that is in me; than he that is in the world." Also, I can do all things through him who empowers me. Truly, we all must keep on track relative to our responsibility to maintain the faith necessary to complete the great mission that the Lord has commissioned us to do while in this life. We must be absolutely fearless in "Everything" that we are called to do in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Glory of God.

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Danny McKinney

April 16, 2012  10:35am

His testimony sounds Spectacular and it encourages me to embrace the Holy Spirit. I do believe he does miracles here on earth to give advice to his people. When God send hi angels here on earth ? They bring comfort and peace to show How we are gifted in his righteousness. As they started singing and praising and rejoicing to his mighty name. We are gathered in the circle of friends. I do believe one day Jesus will come to earth to save his people. His Love is extravagant. I do believe we are his ordinary people here on earth making professional choices.

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William Hauck

October 23, 2010  11:33am

Well done in my opinion and as it challenged me

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