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Podcast Episode 21 | 13 min

The High Calling of Preaching

Elevate your preaching with these lessons from Haddon Robinson.

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Matt Woodley: Welcome to Monday Morning Preacher. Each episode we look at the high call of what it means to proclaim God’s Word. Today, we have a special guest host, Bryan Wilkerson, from Grace Chapel in Boston. Bryan served for 16 years at a church on Long Island, and then for the past 17 years he’s been at Grace Chapel. Bryan, on your bio on your website it says that you have a Doctor of Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and you are also a frequent contributor to PreachingToday.com. We like to see that on your bio.

Bryan Wilkerson: Happy to be a part of it.

MW: Yeah, thanks for putting that in there. We love your stuff and we really like you as a preacher, and your approach to preaching. So, we wanted to talk to you a little bit today about the high call of preaching, what it means to be a preacher of God’s Word. Bryan, just a little background on you, when did God first capture your heart with the beauty and high calling of preaching?

BW: That’s a great question, Matt. I grew up in a preacher’s home for a few years. When I was young, my father was pastoring a little country church. So I do think those early years of hearing my father preach made an impression on me, even though he didn’t stay in the ministry in that capacity. Later on, I grew up under a wonderful Bible teacher, Dr. Leslie Flynn, but I still don’t think I fully appreciated it. It was really my freshman year at Wheaton College. I went to the closest church I could walk to, Wheaton Bible Church, and I remember sitting way towards the back of that gigantic sanctuary. Pastor Chris Lyons, the Senior Pastor, was way down front. I could hardly see him. Yet, week by week he ministered to me. I remember marveling at the fact that I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me, we had never had a conversation, and yet week by week God was speaking to me through him. I could also sense that he was leading this huge church from that pulpit, and that made an impression on me. I wasn’t planning on being a preacher at that point, but I remember thinking that is a powerful medium.

MW: That’s a great story, Bryan, and I think for a lot of preachers that are listening to this, sometimes we don’t know the impact we are having on people’s lives, so that’s a real encouragement. Both of us have been deeply influenced by a master preacher who has been for decades the mentor and grandfather of PreachingToday.com—Dr. Haddon Robinson. Haddon passed away recently so we’ve been thinking about him and talking about him a lot around the office here and on the site. Bryan, you told me recently that Haddon elevated preaching to what you call an art form. You said that you didn’t just listen to Haddon Robinson’s sermon, you experienced it. What did you mean by that, and what did you learn from that?

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Bryan Wilkerson is pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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Rob Sheild

August 22, 2017  12:40pm

Love these ideas. My sermon mentor, Vic Walter, said much of the same, especially about compelling use of language and illustrations. I'm working on the big idea now.

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Lon Allison

August 21, 2017  10:49am

As a fellow Haddonite, thanks for these solid reminders of the art of preaching. Haddon helped me grasp the high calling of Preaching Art. I had spent a decade as a "method actor" with twin passions to act professionally while also planting a church. Soon, the privilege of performing Shakespeare was supplanted with the passion to proclaim Christ. Haddon was a big part of that transition.

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