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Podcast Episode 22 | 14 min

The Basics of Sermon Delivery (Part 2)

In this episode we talk about movement, gestures, and filler words.

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Matt Woodley: This is Matt Woodley, editor of Preachingtoday.com, and thanks for joining us for another episode of Monday Morning Preacher. Each episode we look at one aspect of the craft of preaching for the glory of God. I’m here with my guest host and fellow preacher, Kevin Miller.

Kevin Miller: I can confirm that I am a guest host and fellow preacher.

MW: You are, and a very good one, by the way. So Kevin, this episode is titled, “The Basics of Sermon Delivery, Part 2.”

KM: Which must mean there was a part one.

MW: And you did it.

KM: Yes, I do remember that.

MW: Brilliant deduction, Watson. Indeed, there is a part one, so if you haven’t listened to it yet we encourage you to listen to that episode soon, but finish this podcast first. So um, you know, um, we are talking about sermon delivery in your sermon, you know, um, uh, and it’s important, you know, really important just to say, you know, um …

KM: Okay, you’re either trying to annoy me or I think you might be showing one way delivery can go wrong.

MW: A brilliant deduction again, Watson. You can have amazing content, but if your delivery is less than effective, let’s say, it can be a distraction from getting that content across. Our preaching professor friend, Hershael York, told me about this unusual exercise he does in his preaching class. He’ll tell a story about a little boy watching a dog get run over by a car, and the whole time he’s laughing as he tells the story.

KM: Okay, so let me get this. So then Rusty got hit by a car! [laughter]. He got completely creamed! Ha!

MW: Something like that. Very good.

KM: That’s upsetting.

MW: It’s very upsetting. And then he’ll tell another story about the gospel. He’s really getting into the good news of the gospel and what Christ has done for us, and has no passion, no smile, no warmth, his hands are at his side.

KM: God loved you so much that he gave his Son.

MW: It is the best news in the world. And here is his lesson: Your behavior will trump the meaning of your words. In other words, the silent language in your delivery speaks louder or as loud as your words.

KM: That’s such a great point. What’s our sermon clip today, to demonstrate this?

MW: So we have a very moving clip from a sermon given by a pastor named Steve Walker, who is out in Oregon, or as the people who live there like to say it incorrectly, Oregon.

KM: Note to listeners, that is a jab at our engineer and PT’s associate editor, Andrew Finch, sitting here …

MW: Who is from Oregon.

KM: Yes, he is from Oregon.

MW: Back to the sermon. Steve gave this sermon in October, 2015, and it was just after a young man had entered the classroom of a local community college near Steve’s church and started shooting people. Nine people were murdered, so this is the sermon Steve gave and we’re going to listen to a short clip from that sermon and then unpack a little bit his sermon delivery.

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Steve Walker is the Lead Pastor for Redeemer’s Fellowship in Roseburg, OR, loves Macs, anything with two wheels, hot black coffee, and a good story told.

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Max Haines

September 05, 2017  1:30pm

I am learning a lot from these sessions. Thanks guys.

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