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Woman Doesn't Realize She Was Forgiven 20 Years Ago

Early in my ministry I counseled a woman who, some twenty years before, had been unfaithful to her husband. For years that sin had haunted her. I was the first person she had ever ...

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Mother Forgives Daughter's Killer

In November 2012, Jordyn Howe, a 14-year-old student at South-Miami Dade High School, took his stepfather's pistol from its hiding place in the bedroom closet and brought it to school. ...

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I'm Sorry Mom | Journey Box Media

There's nothing like becoming a parent to give you perspective and appreciation for all of your mom's sacrifices through the years. "I'm Sorry, Mom" is a comical, yet heartfelt, apology and expression of gratitude that's perfect for Mother's Day. [ read more ]
An Overdue Apology | Outreach, Inc. | Preaching Today Media

An Overdue Apology | Outreach, Inc.

Show your community that Church is changing for the better. This is a great video for a church that is in a highly de-churched community. [ read more ]

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