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Husband Cares for Wife with Alzheimer's

Editor's Note: Preachers, this is a powerful illustration about the beauty of committed marital love. It's longer than many of our illustrations, but it's worth sharing since our people desperately need positive examples of marriage.

My parents got married when they were 19 and recently celebrated their sixty-second wedding anniversary. But today things aren't easy for them. My mom struggles with Alzheimer's. Something about the evening ...

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Doris Winstead

February 28, 2013  9:15am

The demand to go home must be common among those suffering with dementia. My pastor dad continuously asked to be taken home even though he was at home where he had lived for years with our mom whom he adored and lovingly spoiled during their 71 years of marriage. They, too, were married at age nineteen. One evening my sister put Daddy in the car after his pleading to be taken home. They drove and drove trying to find "home." When dad could not find it, he told my sister, "The next time I ask someone to take me home I am going to ask someone who knows where they are going." We still laugh about that after eighteen years.

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David Slagle

February 28, 2013  7:54am

That may be the most beautiful illustration I've read on PT.

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Gwen Cattron

February 22, 2013  3:57pm

I understand this disease very well. My husband's mother lived in our home for seven years while she digressed with Alzheimers. It is hard to see our loved ones lose their memory, but even in this loss of memory--love never fails. It's stronger than this disease. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

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Bob Levich

February 22, 2013  3:45pm

This story had me in tears. Really amazing how deep love goes.

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