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Ancient People Understood the Miracle of Christ's Resurrection

Ken Davis writes about a woman who looked out of her window and saw her German shepherd shaking the life out of a neighbor's rabbit. Her family did not ...

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Atheist Wonders if the Resurrection Is True

Alister McGrath, a former atheist who has become a believer in Christ, a theologian and a scientist, tells the following story about the first time he awakened to the hope of Christ's ...

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Mel Gibson on the Resurrection of Jesus

"Without the resurrection, our faith is dead. The story's not complete without it."


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Until He Comes | Church Fuel | Preaching Today Media

Until He Comes | Church Fuel | Preaching Today Media

| Sometimes it is hard to peel back the layers of a church tradition, to remember. Apart from being a commandment, we celebrate communion so that we can join with Christ in his death and resurrection. Join us as we recall these precious moments.
3 Days Later | Hyper Pixels Media | Preaching Today Media

3 Days Later | Hyper Pixels Media | Preaching Today Media

| This powerful video takes a look at the death and resurrection of Christ as one of Jesus' disciples would have experienced it. It demonstrates how hopeless Jesus' death would have left them, and how amazing Jesus' resurrection would have been to them on the first Easter Morning.

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