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Missionary's Efforts Bear Fruit 150 Years Later

The American missionary Adoniram Judson arrived in Burma, or Myanmar, in 1812, and died there thirty-eight years later in 1850. During that time, he suffered much for the cause of the gospel. He was imprisoned, tortured, and kept in shackles. After the death of his first wife, Ann, to whom he was devoted, for several months he was so depressed that he sat daily beside her tomb. ...

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September 09, 2012  6:30pm

Judson's pioneer work in Burma, and his contemporaries in neighboring countries (e.g.Carter who translated the Bible into Sinhalese my native language) dared to bring the gospel message to every nation, kindred, tongue and nation hastening the fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy, and then shall the end come.(Matthew 24:14.) Christians in those countries can thank thank the Lord for inspiring these pioneers to lay the foundations of the church in all these countries. We need to continue in their footsteps, marching onward with the gospel into yet unentered territories, in order to finish the work that they began. In the words which Bishop Reginald Heber wrote in 1819, Can men whose souls are lighted With wisdom from on high, Can they to souls benighted The lamp of life deny? Salvation! O Salvation! The joyful sound proclaim, Till earth's remotest nation Has learned Messiah's name. Reginald Heber,"From Greenland's Icy Mountains" 1819 sent by:CHRIS EDERESINGHE

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Anthony Reynolds

September 06, 2012  4:33am

What an encouragement, as we are tempted to fall into the worldly trap to bench test everything we do, looking for evidence of success in investments. Rather than us listening for the prompts of the Holy Spirit to provide us with wisdom to serve using our gifts in appropriate manner in areas of God's choosing.

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Samuel Olayiwola

September 04, 2012  2:42pm

It echoes the saying that "whatever a man do for himself dies with him while what he does for others live after him" The word of God is a seed that germinates to confirm that it was sown. His cummulative reward is eternal for every of the souls won after the sowers demise. God bless the memory of Rev. Judson

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Phil Schlener

September 04, 2012  2:42am

I appreciate this about a true man of God. It is of great encouragement to me as a missionary.

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September 03, 2012  12:26pm

What a great shout of faith! The same basic thing happened in other countries --particularly in Mainland China, where a vibrant church thrives today. After all, God assures us "My word will not return to me void." Praise God and thank Him for faithful servants like Judson. May we all follow that model.

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