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Husband Discovers How His Wife Handled Their Conflicts

There was once a couple who had been married for 60 years. Throughout their life they had shared everything. They loved each other deeply. They had not kept any secrets from one another, except for a small shoebox that the wife kept in the top shelf of her closet. When they got married, she put the box there and asked ...

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Johnson Jackson

February 20, 2012  9:29am

Though the articleis touching and reveals a great lesson on different and intelligent way women can handle issues. But the aspect of irreconciliable issues is very dangerous, in that, if not handle well could degenerate into communication breakdown and other eventualities that could threaten the marriage. I read a book recently titled "Why Forgive". It reveals different stories of hurts and inhumane event, and in it people still have a heart to forgive.

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February 10, 2012  11:15am

Hilarious. The math has that coming out to a doll every day of the marriage, taking off one day a week. This is only intended to be a funny illustration to lead into a sermon, nothing serious should be taken from this story.

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Kevin Ernst Duclairon

February 07, 2012  6:22pm

I'm not married yet, but I think that the fact that he honored her request not too look maybe something worth thinking about. For I know in my own relationship with women, it can sometimes be difficult to honor their requests. If it is in God's agenda for me to ever marry, I hope to have a lasting marriage that will last as long as theirs did. I believe this is the will of God for all marriages, that it remains strong, honorable and pure. Marriages in America don't seem to be this way anymore. It's seems to have lost its value and worth in a society where gay marriages have taken over the nation. It may be that, this short story can be used as an example for all others who are married, to keep in mind that the purpose of marriage is to remain married, not to marry and then quickly divorce to find someone knew. I think that is why I am not yet married. I'm waiting for the right Christian woman to begin a long term relationship that will last us a life time, if it is God's will.

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Matthew Woodley

February 07, 2012  3:43pm

Russell: I think that's the point: it's an illustration (it's either funny or sad, depending on how you look at it) about how NOT to deal with conflict in marriage. Matt Woodley,

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Russell Brown

February 07, 2012  2:39pm

It's a cute and funny story, but isn't it teaching women that in the event of a disagreement with their husbands they should just keep their mouths shut? Not sure I'll preach that message.

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