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Have You Been Praying for Armadillos?

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Christian comedian Ken Davis tells the following story about waiting for a "sign from God." A Christian gets on an empty city bus, walks to rear, and sits down. Lord, he prays, if you want me to speak to someone about you, please give me a sign. At the next stop another passenger boards the bus, goes all the way to the back, and sits down right next to the Christian. The passenger asks, "Do you know anything about Jesus?"

The Christian excuses himself for a moment and slowly bows his head and once again prays,
Lord, if you really want me to talk to this stranger, I need just one more sign. Please turn the bus driver into an armadillo.

Have you been praying for armadillos?

Have you been waiting for a sign from God you really hope never comes before you get serious about following him?

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December 19, 2012  5:47am

Obeying God completely is certainly one of those things Christians find difficult. Quite often, we give excuses by asking for signs such as this. How I wish God had turned the bus driver into an armadillo indeed, but just in time before the take off!

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