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Billy Graham Practices Unceasing Prayer

In 1982, the Today show in New York City scheduled an interview with Reverend Billy Graham. When he arrived at the studio, one of the program's producers ...

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jim roberts

August 29, 2012  8:14am

the truth is never too old the Bible does teach us to pray with out ceasing and by the way how old is the Bible with all of it's beautiful illustrations love ya

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August 28, 2012  7:44pm

Amen Lorane!!!

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August 28, 2012  4:20pm

To Olivet:Please read some of Dr. Graham's writings. You will find he is so much the common man. IMHO,there are some illustrations (life experiences)that are timeless, appropriate no matter what a person's age or perceived position in life. We would be hard-pressed to find a better model than Dr. Graham to follow: one of the very few well-known ministers who have not been in the news for some kind of scandle. Again, please read his writings.You'll be amazed at how timely they are.

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Lorane Courtlandt

August 28, 2012  2:12pm

Absolutely love it. Some things are timeless. No need to place Dr. Graham on a pedestal. He simple does what all Christians are instructed to do -- pray without ceasing.

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Jack Stapleton

August 28, 2012  12:17pm

Olivet raises a good point. Oddly enough there's a moving set of letters written 50 years before the Graham story that has shown the way for a growing number of people to bring constant prayer into ordinary lives. Check out Frank Laubach, Letters by a Modern Mystic

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