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An Elderly Woman Reaches Out to Homesick College Students

Daniel Meyer tells the story of an elderly woman who heard a sermon in which she felt God encouraging her to look for ways in which she could use her particular gifts and situation to minister to the needs of others. She thought about her gifts and realized ...

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Phil McLain

April 16, 2016  2:24pm

Even I could do this!

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Charles Brannaka

November 02, 2013  10:33am

Everyone can do something for others to know the love of God. Beautiful story!

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Randall Pouliot

April 30, 2013  2:13pm

Great Witness

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Nancy S.

April 10, 2012  1:39pm

What a sweet, simple idea. God can use all things to reach others for him.

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vijay adam

April 09, 2012  7:27pm

Good deeds are like perfumes. The fragrance lingers long after it has been sprayed. Long love this blessed tribe!

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