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God Helps Boy Deal with Uncontrollable Temper

Ben Carson, Take the Risk (Zondervan, 2008); as quoted in the May 3 and 4 entries of Men of Integrity (May/June 2009)

Director James Toback and Boxer Mike Tyson on Human Goodness

Craig Brian Larson, editor of; source: Jake Coyle, "Mike Tyson: 'For the first time, I get it,'" Associated Press (4-29-09)

A New Quest for Immortality

Jerry De Luca, Montreal West, Quebec, Canada; source: David Gelles, "Immortality 2.0," The Futurist (January/February 2009), pp. 34-41.

"Wall•E": Unprepared to Go Home

Wall•E (Pixar Animation Studios, 2008), written and directed by Andrew Stanton; submitted by Sam O'Neal, Geneva, Illinois

Views on the Current Recession

Anne R. Carey and K. A. Kepple, "USA Today Snapshots: Bubble burst: Views on sour economy," USA Today (4-27-09), 1A

Finding God in Iraq

Finding God in Iraq

Lt. Col. Gary Morsch (as told to Dean Nelson), "God Is Here, Too," Today's Christian (November/December 05)

Displaying 1–10 of 28 matches.

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