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News That Illustrates for Sunday, October 26th - November 2nd

As Your World Turns, Woman Marries Herself, and Jesus Saving … Aliens?

How the World Has Changed During Your Life "This is your story, the story ...

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Editor's Choice Sermon Illustration

Elevator Operator Shows True Joy and Gratitude

Blooming where you're planted has never been a problem for Los Angeles elevator operator Ruben Pardo. For 35 years, he has ...

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Coming Up in the Lectionary

There is no lectionary content for Friday, Oct 24.

There is no lectionary content for Friday, Oct 31.

Holidays & Events

illustration: Halloween

How Much Americans Spend on Halloween (2012)

The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend the following for Halloween in ...

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editor's update

Matt Woodley

Francis Chan: What We Have Backwards

October 27, 2014

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