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When You Don't Look Forward to Special Days

Should preachers address holidays, both secular and religious?

When You Don't Look Forward to Special DaysSee theme

It was Mother's Day. I knew the two well-dressed elderly ladies glaring at me were visitors because they sat in the front row. In the middle of my sermon, one said aloud to the other, " This isn't about mothers. " The other responded, " What kind of church is this? " and together they looked down the row disapprovingly at the family members who brought them.

Choosing not to focus an entire sermon on a special day, as I sometimes do, can create a stir. On the other hand, some may avoid church on a special day because of the strong negative emotions attached. One man told me, " I skipped last week because it was Mother's Day. " When I asked why, he replied, " It was pointless. My mother's been dead for years. "

Special days present preachers with special challenges.

1. When we ignore a special day, we may suffer the consequences of disappointing people. My experience has been that if you choose not to address a given holiday, most people ...

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