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Weaving on Back to the Big Idea

Dr. Olu Peters on what Western pastors can learn from African preaching

See theme You have a very interesting background. Tell us about the various cultural threads that have shaped you as a preacher.

Dr. Olu Peters: I'm an African Canadian. I grew up in Nigeria until I was in my twenties, when I came to Canada to study. After a long academic career culminating in my Ph.D, I started teaching here at Emmanuel Bible College, and I've been teaching Bible here since then. But as of now I am the chair of the Bible and theology as well as the director of pastoral studies at the Bible College in Kitchener.

At we talk a lot about developing a "big idea" for every sermon. I know you're passionate about that concept as well. But what do you mean by it?

The big idea is the main thread in the fabric of the sermon. There are different types of fabric products—sweaters, bed covers, shirts, cushions for chairs, even textile products like carpets, lots of them. They are made of many threads, strings that are woven together. But each one, even ...

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