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Preaching Pictures from Revelation

Crafting sermons that evoke images, movement, and emotion.

Preaching Pictures from Revelation

I expected my sermon series on Revelation to challenge me and my congregation. But I didn't expect that it would also stretch the way I prepared my sermons. It seems fitting now, in hindsight, that such a colorful and evocative text might require a new approach.

My love for the book of Revelation began in Bible College. The professor of my Revelation class would often say "Don't get too caught up in the details. Allow the scene to build in your imagination."

And so, when it came time to preach from Revelation it seemed natural to build a scene in the minds of my listeners. Reading directly from Scripture seemed to encourage them mostly to hear the sound of the words, appealing to a rational part of the mind. Instead, I wanted to preach in a way that appealed to the imagination, like John's visions, evoking images, movement, and emotion.

Drawing a picture

These images are what makes Revelation both so strange and so wonderful—at the same time resisting easy interpretation ...

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