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Bible Software Review

A survey of five major Bible software programs

I keep shaking my head in amazement. I've been examining five major Bible study software packages and am astonished at what these new tools will do. They're not all alike. Some work better than others. They're not cheap, but they are all fascinating. And they can change and improve the way pastors study for preaching and teaching.

If you don't use Bible software to study—even if you are using software that is five years old—you can't imagine what you're missing. The ease of use, the sophisticated procedures, and the vast array of additional resources put today's generation of software in a different league.

In this article I will focus on these five software programs, all being the most recent versions:

  • Biblesoft's PC Study Bible Version 5 (Professional Reference Library)

  • BibleWorks 7

  • Logos Bible Software 3 (Scholar's Library: Gold)

  • QuickVerse 2008 (Platinum Edition)

  • Zondervan's The Teacher's and Pastor's Library 6.0 for Windows (Pradis-based)

There are many other Bible software packages. ...

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