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Asking the Right Questions of Our Media

How the church can look at its use of media with both eyes open.

Editor's note: In the following excerpt from his book, The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture: How Media Shapes Faith, the Gospel, and Church, author and pastor Shane Hipps offers a prophetic call to the church. He wants followers of Christ to be aware of the ways our messages are impacted by the ways in which we communicate. Whether you agree or disagree with his assertions, we think these are important issues to think about—and discuss—as the church moves forward into the era of digital media.

Issues [concerning the ways in which media affected the gathered community of the church] are often only raised—if they are raised at all—when dealing with simple forms such as the projection screen. We seem less interested in asking question[s] about the more pervasive and complex cultural forces at play both inside and outside of the church. For example, if something as simple as a projection screen can have a dynamic effect on a congregational experience in worship, what happens ...

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