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Preaching That Oh-So-Delicate Subject

Speaking about sex clearly and redemptively

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I once had a professor who asked, "How often do you entertain thoughts about prophecy?"

One student answered what most of us were thinking: "About twice a year—once around Christmas, and again some time around Good Friday when I hear Isaiah 53."

"Okay," the prof replied. "Now, how many times in a given day do you have sexual thoughts?" Silence. The professor had accomplished his purpose. How many times do you hear biblically relevant preaching on human sexuality—something people are thinking about all the time?

That question stuck with me, and when I began ministering with youth, I put his advice to work. After all, what's on the mind of teenagers?

But as I got older, it occurred to me that I was still interested in sexuality, even though I was married and pastoring a church and years removed from the hormonal battles of puberty. I know I'm not alone, because every time I preach on a sexual matter, the church grows quiet in a hurry.

Sex is on our minds. Anything that occupies that ...

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