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How Mark Driscoll Prepares a Message

Get saturated. Ask the right questions. Have the right hero. Go with the Ghost.
PreachingToday.com: Tell us about your preparation process.

Mark Driscoll: I prayerfully choose a book of the Bible that bites me and plan on spending months, and sometimes years, studying that book of the Bible in preparation to preach it. A book like Genesis will take me over 1,000 hours of work to study, write commentary for, and preach.

I continually pray for the Holy Spirit to teach me his Word as I am studying the Scripture. No amount of theological training can overcome the deficit of a preacher who is not lead by the Holy Spirit to understand and proclaim the very words that he inspired.

As I study, I wrestle with tough texts as Jacob wrestled Jesus. I find that preaching tough texts such as gender roles, the flood, and hell are much like driving a car into a steep curve. If you hit the brakes in fear, you will lose control, but if you accelerate into the tough turns, gravity actually slingshots you through smoothly. Momentum and authority come through accelerating into tough texts ...

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