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Understanding Power and Authority

Christ has given every follower his power and authority to defeat Satan and all evil spirits.

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Nathan Evans

May 02, 2017  5:40am

You are absolutely correct. After a spiritual battle in my household which was revealed to be demons manifesting, I learned to exercise my authority in Christ over them. I have felt that I've been being led into a deliverance ministry. Since I voiced that, you simply wouldn't believe the manifestation of demons that threaten me and try to thwart me helping others. I have had a period, I assume attack, where I've been doubting the power Christ gives me as the enemy attacks my family when I start helping others. No more. This article has emboldened me and I no longer fear the lies the enemy says. Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus!!!!

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January 25, 2017  9:48am


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Jarrett Eschenfelder

September 29, 2015  4:29pm

I appreciated the development of "power" and "authority" in dealing with a subject that directs us to the true source of our means of facing our enemy. Encouraging.

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Bismark Williams.

June 24, 2015  3:16pm

I am really blessed from this article

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Displaying 6–9 of 9 comments.

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Sermon Outline:


I. Christ's power and authority

II. Jesus gives his authority to us

III. We receive this authority at salvation

IV. The importance of biblically and boldly facing Satan's kingdom