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Understanding Power and Authority

Christ has given every follower his power and authority to defeat Satan and all evil spirits.

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George Thara

March 27, 2018  3:45am

A word for the season we are in! The son's must arise in their Power and Authority, take their place as Kings and work the great Harvest of sauls that is upon us. God bless you and your generations!

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George Thara

March 27, 2018  3:43am

A word for this season we are in, the sons of God must rise in their Power and Authority for the great harvest that awaits us. God bless you and your generations.

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October 30, 2017  7:15am

Great illustration and explanation of God Word

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Robert Gill

September 19, 2017  2:47pm

This article really hit home. This is exactly what I needed.

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Stanley Patterson

September 17, 2017  10:11am

I applaud the focus on the power and authority of Jesus Christ. It is an essential element of Christian Ministry--vocational or avocational. The article focus is primarily on power and comparative power. But there are two elements: power and authority. They are not synonyms. Power is the ability to do something. Authority is the permission to exercise that power. Power without permission is authoritarianism. The church is not only empowered by Christ through the Holy Spirit it is also granted generous permission (authority) to exercise that power. Our permission to disciple, baptize, teach, etc. in the names of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is occurs as we embrace the Commissioning promised in Matt 28. This commissioning is not so different from a military commission which grants authority to an individual to lead and organize within the constraints of rank and assignment. I wish for a clearer understanding of the interaction between the two in the context of the body of Christ.

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Nathan Evans

May 02, 2017  5:40am

You are absolutely correct. After a spiritual battle in my household which was revealed to be demons manifesting, I learned to exercise my authority in Christ over them. I have felt that I've been being led into a deliverance ministry. Since I voiced that, you simply wouldn't believe the manifestation of demons that threaten me and try to thwart me helping others. I have had a period, I assume attack, where I've been doubting the power Christ gives me as the enemy attacks my family when I start helping others. No more. This article has emboldened me and I no longer fear the lies the enemy says. Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus!!!!

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January 25, 2017  9:48am


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Jarrett Eschenfelder

September 29, 2015  4:29pm

I appreciated the development of "power" and "authority" in dealing with a subject that directs us to the true source of our means of facing our enemy. Encouraging.

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Bismark Williams.

June 24, 2015  3:16pm

I am really blessed from this article

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Sermon Outline:


I. Christ's power and authority

II. Jesus gives his authority to us

III. We receive this authority at salvation

IV. The importance of biblically and boldly facing Satan's kingdom