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Five Hammer Strokes for Creating Expository Sermon Outlines

Here are the fundamentals to move from a biblical text to a message structure that speaks to today's listeners.

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Ramon De Vera

September 16, 2017  1:02pm

Thank You Dr. Arthur It helps me alot.God Bless you

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December 30, 2013  9:42am

I ALWAYS need to go over these basics regularly. My Doctor of Ministry seminar in 2005 at Gordon-Conwell with Haddon Robinson and Scott Gibson was tremendous!!!

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June 05, 2012  11:20am

Great article! I preached this way for the first 7 out of my 10 years of preaching, but what I've concluded is that it may pigeonhole your preaching. The stress can be so much on the structure that you find yourself trying to squeeze the idea, ideas in the text into a particular outline or structure. And there is not always one central idea in every text. Arthurs is a good way out of the many ways outline and structure can be done. The most important thing is the author’s intent and once you’ve got that you’ve got a sermon and Arthurs does stress intent.

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Glen Wells

May 17, 2011  2:01pm

This article defines some clear and succinct steps to help the preacher hammer out a helpful and faithful sermon.

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