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5 Veins of Deep Preaching

When our church said, "We want deeper preaching," here's what they meant.

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Paul Noble

July 09, 2012  1:34pm

This is a great article - in fact I made a excell spreadsheet with four quandrants to try and incorporate the ideas - Q1 Biblical Depth - Q2 Intellectual Depth - Q3 Cultural Depth and Q4 Applicational Depth - Thanks PBN

joselito umali

September 07, 2010  4:19pm

Wow! This article answers my personal confusion on what a deep message is. In deed, crafting a deep sermonic message is not easy but it's totally rewarding; the differet categories of depthness really help me a lot to prepare and serve a balance and healthy diet for my congregation.

Sam Owens

September 06, 2010  10:01am

This was a very timely article for me. Thank you so much for sharing it. I am a 67 year old pastor preaching weekly to a congregation of mostly twenty and thirty year old military families. Staying fresh and relevant for a totally different generation is not easy for me, but I think I found in this article some much needed help.

Displaying 1–3 of 3 comments.

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