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The Biggest Idea (part 2)

Doctrine is huge. Bigger than life, in the minds of many. Too much for feeble minds on Sunday morning, say others. Here's how to keep your feet on the ground when preaching about the things of God.

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Olivia Nixon

May 14, 2007  5:03pm

Haddon hit it right on the noise. Those in the pulpit must stop sugat coating God;s Word to please the listeners

Bryan Vincent

May 14, 2007  1:25pm

Haddon doesn't hold any punches back. No more cotton candy sermons please!

Ron Arnold

May 14, 2007  9:20am

Haddon makes the excellent point of showing how to connect doctrine with the needs of the listener. And the importance of avoiding denominational hobby horses.

Todd Capen

May 11, 2007  9:46am

Thank you for addressing the issue of moralism in preaching and the gospel of pragmatism.

Displaying 1–4 of 4 comments.

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