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My Formula for Preaching (part 1)

How to outline your messages so they retain a relational quality

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Amy De Leon

May 12, 2017  12:18pm

I've tried this methods many times. It works great! Keeps me focused.

Alan Hughes

November 13, 2007  1:05pm

This article has changed my whole approach to preaching. I have been able to connect with my congregation in ways that I have never done.

Arthur Keye

February 17, 2007  9:03pm

It's interesting in that I didn't even understand the principle and concept of a sermon outline, being largely without formalized education in theology. With the help of the Holy Spirit, it happens to be what I was doing anyway. In my ignorance and with God's wisdom, oh what things we can accomplish.

John Piatt

February 16, 2007  12:02pm

I am a layman preacher who gets a few opportunities a year to preach when the pastor is out of town. I always want to make the best of it by making my topic relative to the congregation's needs. This outline model is perfect and I plan to use it in the near future. Thanks.

Joseph Leon

February 10, 2007  4:18pm

I found this very fulfilling and I wait for part two

Displaying 1–5 of 11 comments.

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