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The Heresy of Application

It's when we're applying Scripture that error most likely creeps in.

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April 03, 2018  2:05pm

I can sift through what is intended to be communicated, but this WHOLE article is about his means of APPLICATION. I read we "should" do this or that in our exegesis. All the while he has taken to the application of his model of preaching, teaching and application. Here is an example -I'm not going to tell people that Joseph's experience will be like their experience. Rather I will say, "The great tension in the life of Joseph is a tension we all feel." I will apply what is a universal experience.- Again, I am not opposed to the intention of the message or application. But, where in the Bible does Haddon draw his principles from? It's all application and based on his subjective Western mindset on how to preach and teach. Which may be well and good, but contradicts itself here. This article's structure is an example of what he is actually commenting against. So, it will be confusing to initiates or those struggling with the issue. It's a case of "doing" what he says not to do.

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Displaying 1–1 of 1 comments.

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