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Getting the Gold from the Text

How to capitalize on the inexhaustible riches of Scripture in your preaching without sounding like a Bible commentary.

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Dwight B.

August 21, 2012  12:36pm

Excellent. Though covered in many books on homiletics.

frances talattad

August 20, 2012  8:22pm

Very Informative! Thank you brother.

Elizabeth Neh Asaa epouse Babatunde

February 07, 2012  5:50am

Wonderful guide to Biblical exposition. A must for every Christian. Thank you my brother.

Joe S

November 09, 2010  2:44am

The whole article is encouraging I particularly liked the expository verses impository under the Framework heading. A good point well made and challenging.

Marlene Suarez

November 08, 2010  6:29pm

Great article to understand homiletics and exegesis.

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