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Five signs a sermon doesn't take the text seriously

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Elaine Parny

August 20, 2017  2:04pm

For several days now, I have had the word meribah in my spirit, being directed to learn more. This article helps so much. Preaching is the actual deliverance of the word to the body, man being the instrument to do so. If we overcome by the blood and by our testimony, then, preaching should showcase the dynamics between the word of God/the hearing of the word/and the doing of the word, measured by obedience. Moses was intended to enter the promise land, but he lost sight of who he was relative to God.Regardless of how the word of God is delivered, prophesying, teaching, preaching, it's measured by intimate obedience, as an act of love. Any other way, it's not what God intended. Even Jesus, in his ministry, spoke what His father revealed to Him and did so motivated by obedience based on love. Every thought/word/action must come into syn with the Father's business of establishing His Kingdom on Earth for the intent of bringing His children Home.

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Robert Daneker, Jr.

October 23, 2009  9:47am

Good article, but doesn't it kind of violate points 2 & 3...especially 3? I'm not sure the 'Moses & the rock' text is really about preaching. It's like, I enjoyed the article, but it seems to be a good example of what the author says is wrong with some of our preaching!

Displaying 1–2 of 2 comments.

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