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How to avoid talking in someone else's sleep

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Kevin Merritt

May 17, 2014  12:34pm

Excellent and thoughtful words by Stuart Briscoe. He spoke at Gordon-Conwell when I studied there, and of the many messages I heard at seminary that have since evaporaated from my mind, his message still resonates with me some 9 years later.

Steve Newton

August 12, 2007  9:57pm

This is a useful article. I write as a seminary student who is now on his vicarage (a one year internship under the supervisor of an ordained pastor). The article does a good job of describing how to preach to the whole person - mind, emotion, and will. This topic was covered often in my seminary classes but this article, while not paving new ground, provided a good review. The section on preaching to the mind is particularly useful to me. Today's emphasis on preaching to post-moderns underempasizes this aspect of preaching, so this part of the article helps to fill a deficiency in my understanding of how to preach to the whole person.

Displaying 1–2 of 2 comments.

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