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How Biblical Application Really Works

Faithful biblical application involves finding our lives in Jesus and his church.

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Mike Murphree

February 06, 2018  10:28am

Sorta agree, but I think the practical problem is more along the lines of being self-referential in a selective and haphazard way, such that it often bears little good fruit. Can you be too zealous about developing the kind of character Christ desires you to possess? You have to be somewhat self-focused to do that, don't you? In my view, the problem is the church-at-large does this in such a weak, loose, spotty, or misdirected way that often any internalizing of what it means to live as a faithful member of Christ's Kingdom is lost in application. In other words, I see the answer to "How I can glorify God in Christ, serving his kingdom and the family of faith...?" is the same way one becomes proficient at most anything: by discipline you pursue it systematically and comprehensively until it (Christian character in this case) becomes second nature. Then it's simply the case that 'you do what you are.' But, to start, you can't be fuzzy on all that Christian character virtue entails.


February 02, 2018  2:33pm

Thanks so much for this article :)

Kevin Wells

January 29, 2018  6:51pm

Thank you for a thought provoking article about teaching/preaching God's Word. A lot of truth in your words.

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