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In Memory of Haddon Robinson

I knew I would learn how to preach from Haddon, but what I didn't know is I would learn how to love.

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Lyle Buyer

October 30, 2017  9:17am

Pat, thank you. I am so grateful to have taken my DMin under Haddon and I appreciate the heartfelt tribute you have written. I remember the "interview" we all had to have during our second residency. I went in quite nervous, but Haddon's first concern was how I was doing and what my DMin experience was like. That very pleasantly surprised me and challenged me. We don't teach courses, we teach students! Thank you Haddon for that life lesson.

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Mary Lewis

October 28, 2017  9:09pm

Pat, thank you for this beautiful article. I didn't know Haddon as well as you, but I agree that he was an even greater man than he was a preacher. I don't know that I ever saw some of the things he did as flowing out of his love, but after reading your article I know that was its source. One picture I have burned in my brain was when he was speaking in chapel one morning. I was sitting across the room and looked over to see him deep in prayer. It sort of surprised me, really. I prayed fervently before I preached, but at least in part because I was terrified and inexperienced. He had done this a million times, and this was "just" a student chapel. It touched me that he knew that he needed God's help if he was going to preach to change lives -- and that was his goal. That's love -- for God & for his students.

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Displaying 11–12 of 12 comments.

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