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3 Ways to Understand the Spirit's Role in Preaching

The Spirit of God is at work in our preparation, in our delivery, and in our congregations.

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David Gaines

August 14, 2017  9:42am

This article is an excellent, biblically sound proclamation of the work of the Spirit of God in the preaching moments we as pastors are confronted with each week. However, I would add one major point that was assumed but not specifically stated, that is, the power of the Spirit of God is engaged in the preaching of the Word of God. The Spirit of God empowers Christ-centered, contextually coherent, biblically sound teaching and preaching which is consistent with the message of God's Word. So preachers are authorized to speak and proclaim what God has said, and no more or less. He does not empower the preacher to use His Word as a platform for speaking about things unrelated to the text, eisegesis. Thank you for your work, and continued blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Judy H

August 14, 2017  9:29am

This article illuminates the work of the Spirit in all aspects of preaching. It reminds us that prayer and preparation to hear God's voice is essential in the preparation and sharing of the Word. I also find that worship and the choice of songs prepare the hearts of the audience to participate in hearing and encouraging the work of the Spirit. It is indeed a privilege and a responsibility to share the Word with others.

Displaying 1–2 of 2 comments.

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