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6 Apps for Sermon Preparation

Using good technological tools and resources for effective preaching.

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John Davis

November 23, 2017  8:02am

Good article with helpful information.


April 24, 2017  8:36pm

I recommend Logos for study, Evernote for notes, Libib for my library, and omni-focus to stay on top of tasks (the free Trello and Wunderlist are great options too).


April 24, 2017  2:30pm

I use Logos on my Android phone. Great to have my entire digital library in my pocket. I don't use Microsoft word anymore. Google Docs works better because I can write down my thoughts on the go. I also have the Bible App to compare different bible translations. I don't have tablet, but my mobile has 5.5" screen, big enough to use these apps comfortablely.


April 24, 2017  12:20pm

As one who is not drinking the "apple" koolaid...i'll stick to the last two non-apple tools i suppose.

Erik Samborski

April 24, 2017  10:35am

I use mindmapping software to prep for sermons. Xmind is a great program but does not currently have an android app. I have been uusing the pro version of Simplemind for android with great success and help. I construct my sermons on it and preach from my tablet using this program. It is a great visual way to organize your sermon by dragging and dropping thoughts and ideas into their proper heading and sequence.

Displaying 1–5 of 6 comments.

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