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The Spiritual Discipline of Sermon Prep

While we prepare a sermon God prepares the preacher.

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Glenn Hawkins

April 13, 2016  10:38am

Outstanding post, especially re: the emphasis on doing the hard (and heart) work and not plagiarizing. If our job as pastors is to equip the saints for the work of ministry, that means we're not there to entertain or merely "feed" them (which means so many different things to so many different people). In my opinion, if the Scripture is communicated accurately, if the meaning of the text comes to bear on the lives of those in the congregation, then we have discharged our duty that morning. But in the final analysis, what is the reason we come together on Sundays? If the answer is "to hear a good message" (whatever that means) then we really have failed. The answer is to corporately pour ourselves out in worship to our most worthy God. Of course, instruction in the Scripture is the central way to set the tone, as is the time singing and praying and giving.

Keith Tolley

April 12, 2016  7:54am

Just the kind of reminder I needed as I looked at my blank screen again. Thanks Steve for these incredibly helpful insights!

Jerry Caley

April 12, 2016  7:18am

Exactly what I needed to hear today as I wrestled with my discipline of study and the overhanging deadline. Thanks!

Pastor S Kaikhanmang

April 11, 2016  11:08pm

Very good advice for pastors

David Jebaratnam

April 11, 2016  8:28pm

Great job Steve!

Derek North

April 11, 2016  3:50pm

This really rings true for me as a worship pastor as well, when weekly music sets that need to be creative, powerful, relevant, uplifting, different, and yet familiar all at the same time happen Sunday after Sunday. This is a very encouraging article. Perhaps God is concerned with my process in crafting musical worship as well.

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