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The Case for an Exegetical Sermon Series

An interview with Hershael York.

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John Romanosky

March 01, 2016  9:07am

I use expository preaching, alternating between the OT & NT. I tell my people it forces me to address issues I might avoid. It also keeps me off hobby horses as I work through the next. I may not do as many sermons on a book as some because I want a sense of movement in the Word. As I work through a book and books, we encounter the whole counsel of God.

Paul Young

February 29, 2016  2:06pm

I did my D.Min. in expository preaching at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. l had the privilege of studying under Dr. York. Not only is he a very good teacher of preachers, he is a very good preacher in his own right.

Pastor K

February 26, 2016  4:10pm

Wish I had been brought to expository preaching long ago. It has changed my ministry, and been a huge blessing to church I pastor. Thanks bro York for your encouragement.

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