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Don't leave baby Jesus in the manger.

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Alan Agema

December 07, 2015  11:47am

This article probably says what I have been saying and thinking for many years. We need to focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus more than His birth, Without His death for our sins we would not be saved and without His resurrection we would not be assured of His power over death and sin. While His miraculous birth is to be celebrated, let's not forget what His birth was to accomplish and the ultimate end reason for the season.


December 04, 2015  10:06am

Excellent reminder. Thank you.

Rick Robart

December 03, 2015  12:19pm

Great article! My feelings exactly!


November 30, 2015  9:25pm

A great reminder for preachers who are tempted to recycle old sermons this time of year.

Greg Trull

November 30, 2015  1:15pm

Great reminder this time of year. It is not only seasonal amnesia, but seasonal rut as we preachers struggle to creatively use the same Christmas texts each year. Thanks Ryan for fresh suggestions!

Displaying 1–5 of 5 comments.

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