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3 Ways to Keep Christmas Fresh

Move beyond stale and passionless preaching during the Christmas season.

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Bambi C

December 14, 2015  7:21pm

I've been feeling a calling to preach on the Holy family as refugees but was about to take the easy way out and revert to our usual carol driven service. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to focus on the WHY Jesus came to us & to persist with this difficult topic.


December 04, 2015  9:06pm

Love it. Easy to get and remember - what, why, then do. Like the alliteration - put feet on your faith.

sonja lennon

November 23, 2015  11:00am

The Christmas message is forever new - you didnt mention the trinity! Its the wonder of the incarnation which will drive people to worship. By the way , Jesus Christ came to save " all nations ", look it up for example in the prophets, not just" believers" !

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