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Are We Preachers or Prophets?

When challenging your people act more like a preacher and less like a prophet.

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Dan DeGroat

October 26, 2015  5:13pm

Enjoyed the article. I would respectfully point out to Brother Thomas that it is not required that "preacher" be listed as a spiritual gift in order for it's function and role to be understood and of service to the Church. I, too, believe there are both "gifts" and "functions." Preaching is a function, empowered by gifts of Pastor and Teacher (as well as talents such as discernment, communication, cultural awareness, sensitivity to others). Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon, who identified himself as "The Preacher." Noah was called "a preacher of righteousness." The Apostle Paul, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, instructed Timothy to "preach." While "Preacher" may not be listed in Isaiah among the so-called "7-fold list," I suggest that anyone possessing those 7 attributes would have a difficult time restraining himself from proclaiming to others.

Displaying 1–1 of 1 comments.

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