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The Danger of Preaching without Jesus

We need to give Jesus direct access to every aspect of our lives and our leadership.

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Susan Lee

January 27, 2016  11:34pm

Thank you Peter! A wonderful reminder! Very well written! Keeping a copy of your writing. Noted some good points on a paper - pasted on the wall at my desk. My resolution to cultivate "loving union" with Christ! Rev Sue Lee

Wayne Pennington

October 07, 2015  8:20am

Amen and Amen.

Jean Philippe

October 06, 2015  6:34pm

We have gotten so used to Jesus, we have gotten so used to church activities that we have missed what God is after- and God is after an intimate relationship with his childrens. Turning back to God is a response to what He is after.

Benjamin F. Mora

October 06, 2015  1:12am

Yes, that is always the challenge before us: "We can do holy things without being holy"

Marshall Shelley

October 05, 2015  5:00pm

Thanks, Pete. You've recentered me.

Tom Rakabopa

October 05, 2015  9:59am

I was humbled by the fact that"What I say matters.Who I am matters much more". I am who I am because of Christ and apart from Christ the picture is completely different.i would rather have Jesus than anything this world offers. Thank you Peter

RAMON Osorio

October 05, 2015  9:35am

WOW!!!! I needed that.

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