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Step 6: Illustrate Your Message

Your essential guide to sermon illustrations—why they matter, what makes them work, and how to make them stick.

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Mark Pitts

May 03, 2016  7:48am

Very affirming of my own conclusions after 30 years preaching.

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Michael Martin

April 07, 2015  8:40am

Very helpful with lots of explanatory heft. Much obliged for this.

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Lawrence Webb

March 23, 2015  2:15pm

Fred Craddock told of an Israeli tour guide who described a Jewish battle, using "we" and "us" to describe the fighting. Dr. Craddock asked whether this was the 1948 or 1967 war, logically assuming the guide had been in the battle. But the man said it was the Maccabean War (fought in 166 BC). Dr. Craddock said, "You tell it as though you were there." The man said, "I was." A good story makes listeners feel the teller was there and makes them think they, too, were there.

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Symon Pratt

March 16, 2015  10:06pm

Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated & a timely reminder.

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Janet Johnson

March 16, 2015  12:24pm

Very illuminating! Thank you.

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Greg Hollifield

March 16, 2015  10:09am


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