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Chris Williams

June 05, 2017  5:00pm

I don't disagree with the idea of God being hero, but I give pause to it having to be Jesus every time. For example, in preaching through the book of Acts God is certainly the hero in the H.S. There are times when one can refer to Jesus more than others and point to the gospel, but I'm not sure if it isn't a little contrived to shove Jesus into the hero role, when much of the text is displaying the H.S. doing the active heroing. In other words, I would prefer a much more trinitarian approach to sermonizing our hero, who is God.

Alan Mullikin

February 03, 2015  3:53pm

Thank you again for this reminder.

Carole Kratoska

February 02, 2015  5:02pm

Reminds me of a Spurgeon quote: the more we hear of a man in his sermon, the less we hear of Christ.

Mark Simpson

February 02, 2015  10:22am

A great article. Reminds me of this verse: "They have taken away my Lord and I don't know where they have laid Him." (John 20:13)


February 02, 2015  10:15am

As one well known preacher has said, "a sermon without Jesus is just a Sunday School lesson".

Displaying 1–5 of 6 comments.

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