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Preaching on Abortion

Breaking through the fear and silence that surrounds abortion in our pulpits.

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Gary Myers

January 12, 2015  3:15pm

Yes, thanks for posting. As a pastor I have been all too infrequent in addressing this issue and more importantly, offering the healing power of the Gospel which comes from the Word.

R. Blom

January 12, 2015  9:57am

Great article, thank you for being openhearted! Once I have been to an conference about early child abuse and the emotional effects of it. One therapist mentioned this very important phrase: the dynamics of abuse is silence!!! Also this is the case with abortion. It hurt countless women and men! In my opinion this is an unhealthy time bomb for the wellbeing of countless women and men now and in the future! Like with a broken leg, not dealt with, it cripples healthy walking. As with a broken heart .... just think of it.

D. Howard

January 12, 2015  9:33am

Thanks for the insight. The article is right on in regards to the fears that pastors have. Silence isn't always golden.

M. Lapeyre

January 09, 2015  4:11pm

Thank you for publishing this article! May the church not be afraid to offer Christ's hope and healing to women (and men) who so desperately need to hear.

philp Kenyon

January 09, 2015  3:49pm

What a great article. I hope pastors read it and take it to heart!

Displaying 1–5 of 6 comments.

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