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Step 2: Plan Your Preaching

Practical ways to determine the texts, topics, and series your people need to hear next.

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Anthony Gilbert

January 20, 2018  7:39pm

Brilliantly thought out process and article. I hope it will be a blessing to all that read.

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James Nite

October 08, 2014  10:17am

Very helpful. We'll use this with our own planning.

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October 06, 2014  9:39am

That is an excellent article. During my teaching years I had a session on that topic. My church is more a "wandering" church, no real direction.

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September 27, 2014  6:54pm

excellent plan. A teaching journey is a good way of looking at what needs to be accomplished during the year. It has helped me to refocus and make a detour from the present path to getting to the final destination. Great job.

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