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5 Ways to Recover 'After' Your Sermon

When the lights are off, the sermon is done, and everyone's gone home, how do you handle the lows of preaching?

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Russell Hayes

July 22, 2014  1:39pm

Very helpful article. Early in my ministry, my wife and I soon discovered this challenge. Thankfully, she helped me to create space on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings for recovery. With four kids, I needed her partnership greatly. A spouse's support is a tremendous help in post-sermon recovery!

Nick Pannone

July 22, 2014  10:20am

I breath of fresh article with substance AND relevance. Thank you for these thoughtful words!


July 21, 2014  12:21pm

I have a mug with the saying: I do my best and leave the rest to God." That is a good reminder. Obviously that 30 minute talk is hard physical work. I believe one element is proper feedback. And that is not easy. I talk as someone from both sides of the pulpit. Is the Preacher spiritual and humble enough hear from Jim the truck driver that the last sermon was a flop? If it was a "flop" the preacher is the first one who knowns it, even if nobody tells him, except his/her spouse.

Jeff Gray

July 21, 2014  12:15pm

I don't take Mondays off because normally I feel down. Instead I use Mondays as a slower work day doing office administration and planning but no appointments. I have found this to be helpful for me not to allow discouragement to control my day off. I take another day off during the week, Friday.

David Ritsema

July 07, 2014  9:21pm

I have been preaching for 16 years and still struggle with this. Thanks.

Displaying 1–5 of 12 comments.

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