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Podcast Episode 64 | 22 min

Keeping Grace Fresh in Your Preaching

Grace that matters for everyday life.
Keeping Grace Fresh in Your Preaching

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How can you preach the grace of the gospel in a fresh way? In this episode, Kevin Miller and Ethan Magness, pastor at Grace Anglican Church in Grove City, Pennsylvania explore how preaching on the grace of Jesus Christ, can speak to the everyday concerns of your people.

He said “Our bond with God has experienced a tragic severing. What we need more than anything is reconciliation with the highest point of reality. We need to be totally made new before God, reconnected, re-established, and loved into loveliness.”

Magness also stressed the importance of cultivating an expectation, and is more than just a moral harangue, or a new plan to improve yourself for God. He said “But instead the heart of the Christian enterprise of preaching is to proclaim someone else besides me, and someone else besides you.”

He teaches seminarians how to do three things, in a sermon:

  1. Exhume the Biblical material of a given passage clearly.
  2. Show how that Biblical material points to the gospel (the redemption from sin via Christ’s death and resurrection).
  3. They have to existentially connect with the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the hearer’s life.

You can listen to his sermons on Grace Anglican Church’s website.

Kevin A. Miller is the senior pastor at Church of the Savior in Wheaton, Illinois.

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