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NFL Player J.J. Watt on Taking Things One Day at a Time

A recent issue of Men's Health spotlights the recovery of J. J. Watt. In his 8th season, the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year has started the season "a stronger, tougher, more vulnerable, and more loved man."

In 2016, Watt played only three games before suffering a herniated disc. In 2017, he was out by Week 5 with a fractured shinbone. Plagued by injuries, one might think that Watt would understandably be concerned about another injury in 2018. Here is how he approaches his return:

I’m excited. People ask, “Are you going to play the whole year?” he says. All I care about is having a good practice tomorrow. That’s it. I’ve learned that the best way to attack things is one day at a time. When you start thinking too far ahead or behind, that’s when you hit trouble.


Ben Court, “JJ Watt's Injury Could've Broken Him. Instead, It Made Him Stronger,” Men’sHealth.Com (9-5-18)

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