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Angry Badger Shuts Down Castle Tunnel

A prominent feature in a historical Scottish castle was closed to the public due to the presence of an angry badger.

Craignethan Castle, located near the town of Lesmahagow about 25 miles southeast of Glasgow, posted a notice to visitors that the cellar tunnel of the property was closed to the public after "a very angry badger" had wandered in.

A spokesman for Historic Environmental Scotland, the entity that manages the 16th-century castle, identified a motive in the apparent siege: disoriented wandering.

"The castle is surrounded by woodland and we believe the badger may have become lost … it appears as though the badger has entered the tunnel and caused some mess, digging up through loose soil into stonework."

HES staffers remained in contact with wildlife welfare agents to help secure a peaceful exit from the property. Eventually they were able to lure the badger out of the tunnel with a combination of cat food and honey.

Potential Preaching Angles: Just because a something is small doesn't mean it's not dangerous. We can't afford to overlook sins we think are insignificant.

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