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The President Reads Ten Letters Every Night

When you send a letter to the president of the United States, it first passes through The Office of Presidential Correspondence. This office was founded under President McKinley in 1897 to help his administration address the roughly 100 letters arriving for him per day. By the time Herbert Hoover was president, the office would receive around 800 letters daily. Today the President of the United States gets tens of thousands of letters, parcels, and emails every day.

Those who write in know that the president himself will most likely not see their message. Many of their letters start with phrases like, "I know no one will read this." But someone does read those letters. And sometimes that person is Fiona Reeves, Director of Presidential Correspondence at the White House. She and a group of 45 staffers, 35 interns, and 300 rotating volunteers read thousands of letters sent to the President. During his eight years in the office, Barack Obama specifically requested to receive ten letters to read every night.

Before letters arrive at the Office of Presidential Correspondence, the Secret Service opens and inspects them. After being screened, paper letters are clipped to the envelopes they arrived in. Then it is up to the staff and interns and volunteers to dig through the letters and emails and figure out which ones to pass up the chain to Reeves, who personally reads around 300 per day. After Reeves chooses the ten letters for the president, she hands them off to someone who scans them, then passes them to the person who put together Obama's nightly briefing book.

Possible Preaching Angles: Aren't you grateful that reaching our heavenly Father is so much less complicated. He is ready to hear the cries of our heart.

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