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Americans Trust in Supreme Court Plummets

The latest Gallup poll (2015) shows that Americans' trust in our top judges has fallen to an all-time low. Trust in the judicial branch of government dropped eight points just in the last year, which saw major decisions that many Americans deemed controversial or just plain wrong.

Gallup calls this a "significant" loss of trust, with only 53 percent of Americans responding that they have "a great deal" or even just "a fair amount" of trust in the third branch of government. Trust in the Executive (45 percent) and Legislative (32 percent) branches are also quite low, but both were slightly up from last year.

In 2009, Americans' trust in the Judiciary was 76 percent. In just the six years since then, mistrust has risen in nearly a third of Americans.

Possible Preaching Angles: Judgment; God, Judgment—It could also be argued that Americans have lost confidence in the ultimate judge—God.

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